Here you will find everything to do with me, DJ Obliveus. I make edits, mix beats, book venues, do graphic design, dig for 45's and live and breathe music in Melbourne, Australia. Hit me up if yer in need of something as I love working with new folks on many things...

Sunday, March 30, 2014

My new business cards...get behind me (not literally...lol)

I figured it was time to get some new business cards printed up...and they've been getting a good reaction so far. The front contains my standard boom box, OB the beenie baby wannabe, urban skyline and graf...

...whilst the back has all the nice stuff I do and can do for anyone that requires it. 13-years strong in this game, so I kinda know a little bit about this biz. Then again...

The Murmur Special: DOWNLOAD FOR FREE!!!

An oldie but a goodie...all big band, soul n funk for that cocktail into party action.

Shake Your Rump Rump 2014 Mix: DOWNLOAD FOR FREE

Strictly booty shaking hiphop from all eras with a bit of club bangers and class rnb thrown in for the ladies. This one is all bout the fun.