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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sunday, August 10, 2014

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Made this because I felt like drawing something. All free hand. = )

The Get Down by Obliveus
June 2014
Wassup Get Down Massive? I’ll start with the best news I can think of and hype theThe Bombay Royale and their newest release, The Island of Dr Electrico. Not ones to stick to a formula for very long, this album is chock a block full of spaghetti western Bollywood sing-a-longs that work for all the right reasons. The new single, Henna Henna, is an absolute monster of a Dick Dale surf jam that is twisted and catchy and I suggest you get on this quick like. While we’re local, let’s dig into Melbourne Town’s very own, Cookin’ On 3 Burners. Their new album, Blind Bet, is sure to be another foray into southern fried, deeper than deep funk and is one that any self-respecting lover of groove should get onto. Adding to the hype for its release later this month, my sources tell me that the first single, Losin Streak featuring the vocal styling of a certain Mr Daniel Merriweather on one side with the always pleasing Kylie Auldistgracing the other on Mind Made Up, is well and truly selling like crack at a Bobby Brown house party. Both songs are funkier than a stale fart, but I have to give props to Merriweather for the range he covers. Haven’t heard him sounding this good since hisLove & War album and let’s hope these 2 tracks are a sign of what I presume will be my favourite album of the year. With that, I am outta here.

My August column...

The Get Down by Obliveus
August 2014
Soundway Records have long been a choice label known for their latin-tinged, funkier than a sweaty plumber’s crack beats that always go down a treat when you’re on that late night tip, but it’s their tropical pathways that I’ve been feeling the most as of late. Case in point is the uber-island sounding brilliance of Fumaca Pretaand their jam, Tire Sua Mascara, which is equal parts electronica, acid house and cock rock mixed with a whole lotta’ psychedilic sounding island music. What??? Yeah, you have to check these cats out simply because they are on a wavelength few dare to travel. Whilst you’re tripping out, why don’t you do yourself a favour and peep Band Camp for a compilation that just missed my column last month, The Wah Wah Version from the always on-point Wah Wah 45’s label. Featuring their ‘always in-demand’ tracks that have been released on 45’s over the past 10 years, plus a couple of nuggets that haven’t seen the light of day, this album absolutely rules my life at the moment. Fans of the Hackney Colliery Band will spot the standards making an appearance and the Part-Time Heroes melancholy rendition of Dancing In The Dark is still a treat, but it’s the Richard ‘Groove’Holmes classic No Trouble On The Mountain from The Gene Dudley Group that has me salivating and will be turning heads on a dance floor guaranteed. I suggest you hit this up pronto and with that I am out of here.

My July column...

The Get Down by Obliveus
July 2014
It’s all disco this month, so let’s get to it. Long time late night, big beat maestros All Good Funk Alliance have been dominating my sets again, especially with a forgotten nugget of boogie warmth that I found again recently. Their re-edit of the JM Jackmaster find of a century, the One Way classic Pop What You Got, is by far the funkiest slice of global funk fatness you will hear this year. Backroom disco action never sounded so good and speaking of JM Jackmaster, or simply Jam Master as he is now known, this Dutch native is killing it at the moment. A lot of his more recent efforts are on the extremely funky, disco house side of things that go well in just about any peak time set; a case in point being his latest re-working of 6th Borough Project’s absolute dance floor monster, McLovin’. But it’s his dark room Bronx boogie vibes that I love the most, so I gotta hype my two favourites from his stable: American Gypsy’s 1981 roller skating jam, Boogie, and one of everyone’s all-time disco favourites, simply because it’s the sample Naughty By Nature pilfered for a track almost of the same name, A Lover’s Holiday by the long-forgotten Chic wannabe act, Change. Both will have you up and about on any dance floor or bar top in no time, so I suggest you hit em up while they’re out there to hit up. With that, I am out of here. Peeze!