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Sunday, May 2, 2021


So here's my mix for Forty Five Day. 

"What's Forty Five Day, you say?"

Well, Forty Five Day is basically a date on the calendar that celebrates 45's. 

In case you are still not sure what I am on about, just picture these outdated forms of technology (that predominantly middle-aged men play) that now get a lot of love from all over the world. 

Up until the past 10 years, there was this tiny group of serious superstar DJ's that played 45's predominantly (or only) in theirs sets, i.e. DJ Platurn (45 Sessions), Boca 45, Andy Smith, DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, Natasha Diggs, Mr Thing and I'm sure I am forgetting heaps more.

Anyways, the 45's collecting "bug" caught on a few years back for many so nowadays they are big business (which has caused prices for some used 45's to skyrocket). Because of the rise in price for originals (just think about how expensive 45's are in the soul scene), numerous labels started re-pressing, re-releasing or re-imagining past releases so as to take advantage of all these people buying the donuts. 

Of course, there's also a majority out there who still love nothing more than digging through op-shops, used record stores, yard sales and warehouse closures looking for these things, as they are super addictive. Anyways...

We're a fairly nerdy bunch, us 45's DJ's, so we celebrate by dropping a bunch of mixes containing 45's only (the singles) on various websites and/or radio shows, but once a year everyone drops a mix for the Forty Five Day and links their Mixcloud page. It's seriously like every gunslinger in the wild west shooting their gun into the air at the same time and there's pretty much a mix out there of every style of music under the sun.

Last year, I did a jump blues and soul 45's mix right in the heart of our Covid lockdown in Melbourne. It was a fun mix, but I actually originally set out to do a pop mix. Well, this one is basically that, but in a "punk, rock, hiphop, nu wave and pop" way that is super fun first and foremost. It's also a labour of love mix, as I've put the hard yards in digging for all the 45's in my mix, with a few being online "digs", of course.

It's a great concept put together by my man, Christos aka 25ThC. He's part of this dope crew called the Original Forty Fivers out of the UK, so I wanted to do him justice and decided I'd put together a mix that's pretty much exactly like I would play peak time in a nightclub. 

It's fairly cheesy for the most part, but as I mentioned, super fun. Hope you dig it!